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FABRIC: Care for textiles by vacuuming or lightly brushing. Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip cushions when vacuuming for even wear.

Yardage requirements are based on 54” wide plain fabrics and are based on patterns run railroaded off of the roll. For plain non-directional fabrics cut into the roll add 25%.

Where stripes, plaids, patterns or narrow widths are involved, additional yardage will be required. Please contact our customer service department for additional yardage requirements.

LEATHER: Square footage is based on full size hides. Additional leather might be required due to irregular hide shapes or markings. Smaller calf skins require additional square footage and seaming - increase square footage by 50%. Such orders are subject to additional charge. Please bear in mind that leather is a natural product. Scars, wrinkles, pockmarks and other natural imperfections are part of the natural beauty of leather and should be expected when using leather. If this is not acceptable, then another covering selection should be considered.

For the customer’s protection, we request that samples of selected cover accompany an order. While we will do our utmost to detect mistakes by others, we take no responsibility regarding the COM cover relative to quality, correct pattern, color or yardage verification.

Collect shipments will not be accepted. Cover should be sent prepaid to:
Bright Chair Company
51 Railroad Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940
All packages must be marked, as follows:
Name of Customer
Customer Order Number
Style of pieces to be covered
Specific instructions for application

If no specific instructions accompany the order, we will use our best judgment in applying stripes or patterns. However, responsibility remains with the customer.



Because of the wide range of weaves and filaments used in upholstery fabrics, we do not assume any responsibility as to wear, damages, seam slippage, fading, pilling, wrinkling, dye variations or any other problems relating to C.O.M. covers. We assume that all covers have been inspected by the seller of the cover and are up to their standards.

While we will use our best judgment, our cutting the cover in no way implies our approval, acceptance or assumption of any warranties as to wear or fitness of the cover for the usage ordered.

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