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Stretch out your hand. Bend a couple of fingers out of sight and what you have left is approximately the number of family owned and operated firms still producing traditionally crafted furniture in America. One of them has been around for over eight decades, Bright Chair Company. Founded as a shop in which dedicated artisans could practice their time-honored skills without compromise, Bright established a unique reputation for creating individual pieces to suit individual needs. Today Bright maintains both its commitment to the finest hand craftsmanship, and its ability to customize each piece to the client’s personal specification. Run your eyes over a Bright piece and you see the difference. Run your hand over one and you feel it. More than the look of great tradition honed to a modern sensibility. The tradition itself.

All of our products are made in the Bright plant located in Middletown New York. Our factory is vertically integrated, allowing us complete control over all aspects of our production from raw lumber to final product. This gives us versatility to meet our client needs and delivery requirements. With detailed attention paid to woodworking processes and the exact tailoring that has become a hallmark of a Bright piece of furniture. We are proud to present our traditional and classic contemporary collections for your review.

In all of our manufacturing, Bright Chair Company respects our environment. We offer a wide range of native Northeastern hardwoods for use in our products. We understand the balance of supply afforded by select harvesting and have been using only Forrest Stewardship Council Certified domestic sources for decades. We use only water-based adhesives and catalytic finishes with low VOC content in our finishing process.

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